The Forensic Science SIG

The Forensic Science Special Interest Group

The Forensic Science Special Interest Group was founded to ensure that the UK continues to maintain its reputation as a world leader in forensic science innovation. The Forensic Science Special Interest Group aims to help stimulate innovative and effective R&D in the UK forensic sciences by bringing together an active community of members from a variety of stakeholder groups within forensic science and from other sectors.

The Forensic Science Special Interest Group has produced an online, free, searchable database of forensic science challenges, those who have identified the challenges (contributors) and UK Stakeholder groups, the Forensic Science – UK Innovation Database. This database includes challenges across the forensic disciplines alongside the criminal justice system and intelligence communities, with the purpose of encouraging collaboration to overcome these challenges by bringing together those with potential solutions and those who have identified the challenges. This database also provides information on Stakeholders for potential collaboration to work on these challenges, or any other specific partnerships that the Stakeholder has indicated an interest in.

The challenges have been attributed labels relating to cost and duration, it should be noted that these are estimates and while a challenge may be labelled as having a long duration it might be possible to carry out a feasibility study in a much shorter time period.

Forensic Science SIG



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